DAVOC 2010 in Bonn, Germany

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image The city of Bonn will host the 2010 edition of the DAVOC Forum from May 06-08, 2010. The organizing committee is formed by members of the Cameroonian community in Germany, who will work under the direction of the Permanent Secretariat of the CASA-NET network.

DAVOC 2010 should welcome about 20 associations and groups of Cameroonian migrants from a range of countries (Canada, USA, Germany, Italy, England, Belgium, Cyprus, Holland, Morocco, China, Switzerland, France, etc.). During the Forum, discussions will focus on the issue of investment and entrepreneurship. Many projects will be presented to the invited partners, including Cameroonian institutions and businesses, international companies and organizations, and NGOs.
The most promising projects will be supported by the CASA-NET network and its partners, and will be implemented in Cameroon with the support of the Observatory of Cameroonian Skills Abroad, based in Yaoundé.

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How to participate in DAVOC 2010

Interest :
Any public or private organization that wishes to participate in any way to this edition of DAVOC must contact the organizing committee as soon as possible in order to announce its presence or desired contribution.

Presentation of projects
Any project underway or in preparation in any issue-area and that associates the cameroonian or african diaspora and its partners can be presented during DAVOC 2010.

In order to facilitate the preparation of the Forum, the organizing committee will receive summaries of the projects until March 15, 2010. This summary should include information on the actors of the project, its goals and feasibility. A project is more likely to be retained for DAVOC 2010 if it is sent and received early. A detailed presentation must then be prepared, and should be submitted to the organizing committee by April 06, 2010 at the latest.


The Forum Draw a Vision of Cameroon (DAVOC) is the annual meeting of skilled individuals from the Cameroonian diaspora. This large gathering of Cameroonian migrants was initiated by CASA-NET (Cameroonian Skills Abroad Network). DAVOC aims to be a place to exchange ideas, projects and activities between the members of the Cameroonian diaspora and CASA-NET’s international and Cameroonian partners. Its objective is to consolidate the link between the Cameroonian diaspora and our country. It aims to associate the diaspora to the economic and social development of Cameroon through the assessment and support of concrete initiatives.

The first edition of the Forum, DAVOC 2008, was held in Geneva in July 2008. Its unmitigated success drives the ambition to organize this new edition.